Once upon a time!
Well I suppose that is how many stories begin and so did also this one. Three small Swedish sisters with different mindsets and various skills solved many mysteries and acted as small detectives in the southern part of Sweden (Skåne) during the 1990´s. They found lost people and animals and discovered treasures on their many exciting adventures. Without each other they would never have succeeded and it was always their joined skills that solved the puzzles and riddles. Only together they were strong. Many were the stories told about this little ambitious group. They called themselves SALINA after their names (Sara, Lisa and Nina). Sara the youngest and Nina the oldest and of course Lisa the oil in between. Later on their younger brother joined them (Niklas) and the name of the group changed slightly to SALINAS.
When me (Krister) and my wife Ulrike´s dream came true and we could finally build our house in Kechria on Skiathos in the year 2018, it was of course easy to understand what the house should be called. VILLA SALINA! We hope the Villa will continue to bring many more stories for us and for you.
We thank you for choosing Villa Salina and welcome you to our home. We really hope you will have a wonderful stay at the Villa and on Skiathos.